Cosplay photoshoots 4 noobz

Cosplay 4 noobz
  • How to prepare

Research! Research! And Research! Your poses! Facial expressions! Just really look up your character. Download pictures, gifs, videos, everything useful. Make a folder online or print them and do not forget to bring them with you. Sometimes, the photographers would like to see it as well and in advance, so they can prepare properly. I highly advise you to bring them with you for reference.

  • Choosing your photographer

Easy, photographers usually post on their social media, when they’re attending certain conventions. They usually post time slots and prices as well. Contact them! You can try commenting, but I advise you to rather send them a private message on their page or an e-mail. They usually prefer it.

ALWAYS research reviews. Is this photographer well known for submitting their work late? Do they have a bad reputation in a community? Well, I would not choose them.  You should also look through their portfolio.Maybe they photoshop too much, or maybe their picture’s atmosphere is too dark for your kawaii anime girl? That’s okay, but maybe it’s not the best fit for you.

  • You have to know, what you want

As I told you before, PREPARE YOUR POSES. Practice your facial expressions and poses in front of the mirror, take a shitton of selfies, anything.

Yeah, the photographer will usually help you with the basics, but you have to do most of the work, otherwise, it will get very awkward very soon.

If you want some special edit, don’t forget to tell them! They don’t bite (usually). Don’t forget to describe it as much as you can, add pictures. It’s usually no problém, so you don’t have to be afraid.

  • Don’t be a d_ck

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS credit the photographer! The picture doesn’t legally belong to you, it belongs to the one who took it. They usually spend hours editing your pics and I am not even talking about their equipment!

Just be nice to them so you both enjoy this as much as you can!