Lowkey Dokey Review


I am probably like 10 years late to the party, but I finished playing Doki Doki Literature Club today and yeh…..I have to share my thoughts. I tried to make this review spoiler free.

You start your game as basic high school student joining a Literature Club with only four other members. But wait! All of them are cute girls who seems being totally in love with you! BUT! Another BUT! What seems like cute basic dating simulator is in fact pretty scary horror game that involves breaking a fourth wall on whole new level.

You have 4 main characters 

  • The leader of the literature club Monika
  • Sassy baker Natsuki
  • Shy booklover Yuri
  • Cute, friendly, but depressed Sayori

I have to admit, that I was really bored at the beginning, note that I didn’t know much about this game so I didn’t really pay attention to details. I got bored really quickly. The first part when the protagonist was just getting to know all of the girls was the most boring part in the game I have ever played. Parts with reading poems almost killed me. But not in the good way.

So I was skipping the dialogues for some time now and then finally something different! That part before THAT part with Sayori. You know which one I mean. But after all of the monotonous dialogues and situation it was finally something different!

I chose to help Natsuki with her baking, because I strongly dislike Yuri. The amount of cuteness (okay not cute okay, sorry…) made me believe that this game can’t be that bad….right?  r..IGh..t?!?!

Spoiler Alert

I was wrong. Terribly. Terribly wrong.

Also…did they seriosly name her Sayori just to make that Sayonara pun?

Anyways, after this I was hooked! The story got really disturbing really fast. The only thing I didn’t like was repeating old dialogues all over again but without Sayori, that was tiring.

BUT then, the story went to: „What the hell is happening. Wtf is this game even.“ ,really, really fast.

The last part with Monika…..my stupid ass just keep trying to skip the dialogues for good 40 minutes until I figured it out. I almost felt sorry for her.

Then the story starts again and my stupid sel fis thinking: „Ooo, finally a happy ending!“


Sayori k n o w s.

In the end, I didn’t know who or what to trust, was confused as hell and uninstalled all of my The Sims games for good.+


  • Great artstyle
  • Music
  • Breaking the 4th wall
  • Believable characters
  • It’s free


  • The beginning was so slow I almost fell asleep

Overall I really like the game, I enjoyed the characters, I cried, I was staring to my ceiling at 2AM with complete disbelief…. you know, the usual.


My beta readers: Cassidy Charlie and Chika

Pictures are from official steam site, some Pinterest albums and Let’s play archive

Hope you enjoyed my small review 🙂




2 thoughts on “Lowkey Dokey Review

  1. I actually started playing this game on the strength of another blog review but never got far because the start was quite dull. However, on the basis of both reviews I have now read I may go back to it just to see what the hype is about as disturbing fiction is of interest to me. Thanks for sharing


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