8 best apps for cosplayers

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Just started cosplaying and not sure how to take your work on the next level? Worry not! I have the same problem, haha. So let’s gather our wisdom and learn something new!

The holy grail of cosplayers and influencers. It’s pretty useful to learn a little bit about its algorithm (even it’s still a little bit of a mystery for me) and it’s also useful to switch to the business profile. It will let you see for example if the majority of your followers are male or female, where are they from, when do your posts get the most likes, yeh neat stuff right?
Sometimes, being shared od cosplay support pages is also a good thing and it helps you to grow your audience. Search profiles like @starsofcosplay @curvycurvycosplayers @cosplayczsk and just stuff like these.
I also advise you to join some cosplay facebook groups like Cosplay marketing, run by Ginny Di, where you can find all kinds of tips to improve your game!

Yeh, I am a little bit of old school, but having a Facebook page is always a plus, because people still use Facebook as a platform, not gonna lie to you, the reach is terrible but it is something. You can also join groups like Cosplay Europe and similar, where you can share your work and get some help if needed.

The word count is limited, but it’s the best way to get noticed by brands, our to get retweeted by the studio you are cosplaying from.

Pretty neat site to communicate with your fans (if you have some, or don’t like me lol). You could gain a lot of followers there by doing some stuff for fandoms. I am talking fanarts, memes, jokes and simply just stuff like that.

Create a blog
I can’t really recommend you the best page there is, but I am using WordPress. This is really good for longer articles, reports, tutorials (that is good for youtube as well) or even movie reviews.

A neat app that helps you get organised with your cosplay stuff. What to buy/make, your budget….

Or any photo editor you can find, but this one is my personal favourite. Simply for making collages, editing those red spots you can have on your face or adding cute little hearts to your ship pictures.

Cosplay amino
Last but not least….cosplay amino! NEat app, especially for cosplay beginners. But the problém I have is, that I have big follower count on cosplay amino, but a really small one on my other social media. Why? I have no idea. But it is a really good app to talk and socialize!

Hope you took a thing or two from here!

Have a nice day!


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